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At our MedTalks we want to equip our listeners with the toolset to navigate the heterogenous field that is health sciences. We aim to provide students with information and opportunities that will help them find their footing in industry and research.

At MedTalks receive unique insights into cutting edge research done by companies hospitals and universities. Hear directly from people at pulse of innovation and have the chance to ask questions concerning their work.

Participating in MedTalks allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments. This can help you stay competitive and ensure that you have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your chosen field.

Get to know different job opportunities provided by pharmaceutical, consulting, medtech companies. Learn about how applying for a position or internship works and speak directly to employees and recruiters after the talk. 

Participating in MedTalks allows you to learn from and connect with industry professionals and experts in the field. This can provide valuable insights and advice that can help you grow and develop in your career.

Our talks should connect the brightest minds in health sciences not only with the industry, but also with each other. Talk to other students, with broad study backgrounds and expand your network over lunch.

MedTalks provide you with the opportunity to network with your peers and build a strong community of like-minded individuals. This can be beneficial for finding support, collaboration, and mentorship throughout your studies and career.

Have fun! – Enjoy a free lunch and spend time with friends.

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