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In our mission to connect students with industry we rely on collaborations and partnerships to provide industry insights. As a company or insti­tution, we look forward to providing you with a platform to inspire, connect with and get in touch with students. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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With more than 120 attending Students every two weeks MedTalks are our most popular events so far. Not only do they encourage an active exchange between research and industry, but they also allow for an opportunity for companies to engage students directly through company presen­tations. If you are interested in holding your own MedTalk feel free to reach out anytime for further information.

Company Visits

Company Visits offer students an intimate glimpse into the core operations of a business. We assist with event marketing, content creation, and ensure the events successful implementation. If you believe a company visit is the ideal way to introduce students to your organization, feel free to get in contact.

Case Studies

In addition to MedTalks and Company Visits, we host a diverse array of unique and engaging events. Our dedicated events team is eager to collaborate with industry leaders to conceptualize and realize innovative events, from case studies to CV workshops and beyond.

Jobs & Internships

Further we offer interesting internship opportunities for fascinated and committed students on our Health Science Jobs Website. If you have open internship and job positions, we would be happy to advertise and publish these for you.  A lively and active exchange is of high importance for us and, in our opinion, enables a constant progress in the field of health sciences. More information can be found here soon.

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