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Mattias Ivarsson carried out his studies in biomedical engineering at EPFL, Cornell University and ETH Zürich. After his PhD in pharmaceutical sciences at ETH, he founded the start-up Inositec AG which was later on acquired by Vifor Pharma (today CSL Vifor). For his business ideas he won extensive recognition, inter alia the nomination to the Forbes 30 under 30 European list in Healthcare and Science. In his upcoming talk, he will be giving an insight into his own journey as well as tips and tricks on how to establish start-ups at ETH. This MedTalk will be in English!


This MedTalk is all about BCG, a global consulting group that partners with leaders in business and society. The talk will start with a quick presentation about the company, followed by an introduction into our health care sector. Afterwards the speakers will discuss two cases and ending this interactive MedTalk with a Q&A session. This Medtalk will be in English.


BB Biotech, a prominent investor in the rapidly expanding biotechnology market, has 30 years of experience in this sector. The Medtalk will be held by Can Buldun-Gora, a member of BB Biotech's investment management team. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and a BSc in Biochemistry & Cell Biology from Jacobs University Bremen and will be assisted by Maria-Grazia Alderuccio, who works in Investor Relations at BB Biotech. They will provide insights into the team, its history, and investment universe, with a focus on the role of Big Data and AI, followed by a Q&A session.


Woman's brain project with Antonella Santuccione Chadha. MD, clinical pathology, neuroscience, and psychiatric disorders - Co-founded the non-profit organization "Women's Brain Project" in 2016, focusing on the influence of sex and gender on mental and brain diseases (serving as CEO). Antonella Santuccione Chadha is Chief Medical Officer at Altoida Inc. and Swiss woman of the year 2019. This MedTalk will be held in English.


MedTalk with Innosuisse and Heiko Visarius. Heiko will talk about the Swiss Startup-Szene (his focus is Healthcare/MedTech) and about how one can enter the industry. In his presentation, he will share his extensive experience in founding and managing start-ups through to globally operating companies and highlight the associated opportunities and challenges. MedTalk will probably be in German.


Prof. Dr. Jörg Goldhahn is the study director in human medicine, as well as an adjunct professor at the Institute for Translational Medicine and a chair of the steering board of the digital trial intervention platform at ETHZ. His past experience includes working as a director in Translational Medicine at Novartis and as a senior researcher at Schulthess Klinik. His areas of interest include educating physicians in research and digital medicine, translating research findings into medicine, outcome research, translational science, and more.


Roman Wüthrich and Marc Labudde will talk about the Reusable Autoinjector project. The Reusable Autoinjector is a patient-centric device platform solution for subcutaneous drug delivery. It consists of a reusable drive unit with an electromechanical drive mechanism and a disposable Cassette with needle stick protection. The device contains direct-to-cloud connectivity, ensuring real-time therapy information without relying on a smartphone, enhancing patient experience and adherence. Encompassing these technologies, the Reusable Autoinjector is the ideal extension for digital health systems. This MedTalk will be in English.

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At our MedTalks we want to equip our listeners with the toolset to navigate the heterogenous field that is health sciences. We aim to provide students with information and opportunities that will help them find their footing in industry and research.


Experience enlightening discussions led by prominent experts from the health science industry. Our MedTalks offer a unique platform for gaining insights into current trends, challenges and innovations. ​


Enjoy the casual ambience of our interactive lunch sessions. These gatherings provide a relaxed setting for students to engage in vibrant conversations, share ideas and learn from peers and professionals alike.​


Tap into a diverse and dynamic community. Our networking opportunities are a powerful tool to connect with liked-minded students, experienced industry professionals and potential future employers in the health science field.

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Talks start at 12:15 and usually go on until 13:15. Be there at 12:05! Don't miss out on the free stand up lunch provided after the talk!

Entry is not possible after 12:15.

Please make sure you can stay the entire duration of the talk since early departure is very disturbing due to the room's layout.


Talks take place at building LFW in room B1 at ETH Zentrum just across the street from Hauptgebäude. Universitätstrasse 2, 8006 Zürich

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MedTalks take place on Fridays during the spring and fall-semesters. Check out the dates above.

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