11.11.22 Johnson & Johnson

The fourth MedTalk this semester was held by one of the biggest players in the Med-Tech field, namely Johnson and Johnson. It was a great pleasure and honor to welcome Sarah MuellerSimon Huser, and Roman Blumer – MSc ETH as our key speakers. All three gave valuable and tangible insights into the work done by Johnson and Johnson, for which we would like to express our gratitude.

The focus of the Talk, which was designed very interactively, was on the Medical Devices sector. The Medical Devices industry being one of the three main pillars of Johnson and Johnson.
The transformation from transactional collaboration to „value and impact-based outcome“, as the orientation for relationships between patients and the company, was highlighted. Johnson and Johnson aims to achieve this with the new approach „value and impact over quantity“.

In light of that, the value-based healthcare system was discussed, especially the role Johnson and Johnson plays in changing and shaping the healthcare system mainly in Switzerland but also globally.
This concept was made tangible by a business case example of how value-based healthcare is realized, one of the products in use being the SPM (Surgery Procedure Manager). Additionally, a second business case example was presented, concerning sustainability, more precisely examples of what Johnson and Johnson does to improve their sustainability. One example being the recycling of aluminum used in suture kits.

We want to thank everyone who stopped by and we are looking forward to our next MedTalk on the 25th of November.
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