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Who are we?

The Health Science Club

Our Story

The Health Science Club was founded in 2022 by a group of students studying in the health sciences. During their studies, they recognized the need for a dedicated space where health sciences students could connect and grow. 

In response to this need, the co-founders of the Health Science Club decided to create MedTalks, our flagship event. MedTalks is a series of talks and discussions on a wide range of topics related to health sciences. It provides a platform for students to learn from experts in the field, share their own experiences and insights, and network with others who are passionate about health sciences.

Today, the Health Science Club is a thriving community of students, professionals, and researchers who are all dedicated to advancing the health sciences. We are proud of our history and the impact that we have had on the lives of students in the health sciences, and we are excited to continue to grow and evolve in the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create connections and facilitate networking opportunities for students from all fields of study. We believe that by bringing together students from diverse backgrounds, we can foster collaboration and exchange of ideas that will lead to new innovations and breakthroughs.

In addition to connecting students with each other, we also strive to connect students with industry professionals and researchers. We believe that students can benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge of these individuals, and that industry and research organizations can benefit from the fresh perspectives and ideas of students.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform that connects health sciences students with industry professionals, providing them with opportunities for internships, mentorship, and networking. 

This platform will serve as a hub for students to learn about industry trends, gain practical experience, and build valuable connections that can help them succeed in their careers. Through this network, we aim to foster strong and long-lasting relationships between students and industry professionals, helping to bridge the gap between education and the workplace. 

Ultimately, our goal is to create a vibrant and dynamic community of students, industry professionals, and researchers who are all working together to advance their fields of study and drive innovation. By providing a platform for connection and collaboration, we hope to help students achieve their goals and make a meaningful impact in their fields.

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Health Sciences at ETH has a broad scope ranging from basic sciences to applied technology development. This of course offers a multitude of career choices for the students. Therefore I strongly support the forum as it introduces the possible paths into the different disciplines and can therefore be extremely valuable for the students.

Christian Wolfrum
Professor and Vice President of Research at ETH Zürich | Advisory Board

"Health Science and its application for patients have fascinated me since my studies at ETH. It's great that the Health Science Club provides a forum where interested students can get an idea of the different ways they can contribute with their interest and skills to Health Science. That’s why I am very happy to support with advice and my experience in the medical technology industry."

Henri Hagenmüller
Managing Director and Medtech Lead Central Europe at BCG | Advisory Board

“Combining the best of two worlds – while universities have the potential to explore new things, industry has the power to make it work"

Jörg Goldhahn
Medical Director of the new Bachelor in Human Medicine

"I think it is very important to discuss or understand practical experience in addition to theory, because theory does not always or only partially apply. Especially the human aspects are often neglected."

Willi Miesch
Co-Founder and Ex-CEO of Medartis

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